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Four Ps of Marketing

The success of your marketing plan and integrated marketing communications program depends on how effectively you address the Four Ps of Marketing:


Utilize our primary market research, competitive intelligence and product management services to understand the needs of your market and launch products and services that exceed your profitability goals.

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We identify the right mix of OEMs, distributors,
and direct salespeople that results in the highest
profitability and least channel conflict. We will also develop a channel program that maximizes sales.

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We will create a guiding pricing direction, e.g. premium pricing vs. price/loss leader, and
determine the right mix of promotions to stimulate sales. We specialize in pricing for that which has never been sold before.

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Innovaxis specializes in generating ROI from digital marketing, including website development, SEO, social media—as well as from marketing collateral and PR without the big retainers.

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The Innovaxis Advantage

We offer a full suite of services covering all Four Ps of Marketing—always with the goal of driving the “Fifth P” for clients: Profit. Other agencies and consulting firms only address the Fourth P: Promotion.

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